Tafel 1 and 2, 2014
Drawing, Performance: Nicole Wendel
Editing: Olaf Schulz
in the context of the solo exhibition: s/w, Scotty Enterprises, Berlin 2014

Touch leaves traces. Chalk becomes a landscape drawing on a blackboard, which can be seen in the film as a moving condensation. During the opening of the solo exhibition b/w at Scotty Enterprises, I walked parts of this white chalk landscape with my feet and felt it with my hands, so that my body absorbed the „material“ of the chalk drawing and left it in the form of a trace. The music I heard on my headphones while doing this can now be heard in the video.

„The gesture is destructive, but Wendel executes it so gently that the contrast between the violence of the painting/erasing act and her carefully precise foot movements becomes almost unpleasant. One wishes she would take the whole smear-tracking to the extreme in another cycle, to see what happens when only chalk dust remains. (from: TAZ, 14.08.2014, Art, Noemi Molitor looks around the gallery of Berlin)