ACHT, 2018
Choreography / Concept: Nicole Wendel
Performance: Nicole Wendel in cooperation with Lea Pischke
Sounddesign: Yohei Yamakado
Video / Editing: Daniel Meiner

Drawing constitutes the core of Nicole Wendel’s process-oriented artistic practice. In her current performative work Nicole aims at gauging the ephemeral relationship between movement in space and the emergence as well as transformation of a two-dimensional image. For the performance « Acht » (English: « Eight ») Nicole invited dancer and choreographer Lea Pischke to join her in developing a precise alternation of the respective phases of drawing and walking.

The performers’ own kinetic energy charges the gesture of drawing for its resulting lines to be released into the space as a direct consequence of that energy. Similarly, by leaving traces, the fundamental phenomenon of walking gains graphical momentum and manifests itself through a densifying geometrical form. The process of the drawing unveiling itself over the course of time is accompanied by a soundscape created by Japanese musician Yohei Yamakado which highlights the drawing’s specific quality. The performance thus gives way to a multi-layered, all-encompassing interplay between the performers’ connection, the development of the drawing itself as well as the audible sound in space.