Tafel 1

Performance, Scotty Enterprises, Berlin, 25.07. 2014
9:03min / 8:04min

„Conscious movement and concentrated perception of my body are the basis of my artistic processes.“ (Nicole Wendel)

Line by line chalk becomes a landscape drawing upon two blackboards (Board 1 and Board 2). In the subsequent performance part the artist walked on parts of this white chalk landscape of Board1 with her feet and felt it with her hands on Board 2. The contact of the body with the drawing transformed the chalk into traces. The music she heard on headphones during the performance is now featured in the film.

„The gesture is destructive, but it takes place so gentle that the contrast between the violence of the erasing act and its carefully-precise footsteps feels almost uncomfortable. One wishes that she would continue this whole „smear-tracking“ into another cycle to see what happens when only chalk dust remains. (from: TAZ, 14.8.2014, Art, Noemi Molitor)

Tafel 2